Assessment Criteria

How are applications assessed?

Applications (the project overview and formal proposal) are rigorously reviewed, with top-ranked proposals recommended for investment to the OPA’s Grant Award Committee. This committee consists of the chief executive officer of the OPA as chair, the vice-president of conservation and one expert reviewer from outside the OPA. Funding decisions are made according to the extent to which a proposed project addresses the needs of Ontario’s electricity system and the Conservation Fund criteria outlined below.

Project overviews and proposal submissions will be assessed against the following criteria:

Strategic Fit Does the project address a market gap and fit the Conservation Fund and OPA’s strategic objectives and priorities?
Potential Impact on Program Design or Measures Will the project provide lessons or innovations in measures or program design?
Market Capability Building Impact Is the project building the skills and knowledge required by the market to accelerate the design, delivery, marketing and implementation of electricity conservation initiatives?
Market, program or technical advance Is the program concept, measure, approach or tool novel and does it advance the “state of the art” in Ontario?
Project Team Does the project team have the qualifications and experience required to execute the project? Is there evidence of strong and appropriate partnerships?
Local Distribution Company (LDC) Involvement If appropriate for the project concept, is an LDC partner involved in the project?
Project funding Has the project secured the funding required to complete the project? Does the funding satisfy OPA leverage requirements?
Project purpose and outcomes Are the project’s specific outcomes, performance targets and success factors clearly articulated?
Project Design Is the project’s design reasonable and likely to meet the stated objectives?