Useful Resources for MECOs

Through this page, the OPA will provide local energy conservation champions with links to useful information resources that will support their activities. The OPA also welcomes communication from MECOs / parties interested in the MECO concept.

In keeping with the OPA's transparent communications policy, submissions made to the OPA will be shared through this website. We would also welcome receiving any online resources that would be useful to local energy conservation champions; please send your recommendations to us for posting.

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Energy Matters
An annual energy conservation summit with a municipal focus organized by the Region of Peel.

Conservation & Renewable Energy Funding Resources

Directory of Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy Programs in Canada
Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency provides this on-line inventory of programs to promote energy conservation/efficiency and alternative energy. Federal, provincial, municipal and utility/company programs are included.

ecoENERGY for Renewable Power
Municipalities are eligible to apply for this funding from the federal government which incents an increase in Canada’s supply of clean electricity from renewable sources.

FCM's Green Municipal Fund

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) makes this fund available to support municipal initiatives across Canada that benefit the environment, local economies and quality of life. Funding is specifically available for energy projects.

Ontario Power Authority Conservation Fund
Supports electricity conservation pilot projects that build marketplace capacity for conservation programs and can be scaled-up to achieve significant energy savings.

Ontario Power Authority Feed-in Tariff Program
Learn more about the FIT and microFIT programs by visiting this website and clicking on the appropriate link.

Union Gas Energy Conservation Programs
For information about residential, small business and large business conservation programs that save natural gas and money, visit this page and follow the respective links.

Local MECO Websites

Markham Energy Conservation Office
The Markham Energy Conservation Office was established in 2005. The link will provide more information on its mandate and activities.

Municipal Conservation Initiatives / Campaigns

QUEST - Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow
The mission of QUEST is to foster integrated, community-based approaches which address energy end-use and reduce related greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions. The Ontario Power Authority is a supporter of QUEST.

OPA / saveONenergy Resources

saveONenergy is an online resource with information about programs, services and actions you can take to achieve greater efficiency in your home and business. You’ll also learn about the benefits of energy efficiency.

Speeches and Presentations

Paul Shervill Presentation to the Municipal Engineers Association
Ontario Power Authority Vice President, Conservation Paul Shervill spoke to the Municipal Engineers Association in >Kingston on November 25, 2009 on major new developments in our electricity system.



LAS Energy Management Tool

Conservation Council of Ontario

Earth Hour
Earth Hour is an international conservation campaign that will be held 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. (local time) on Saturday, March 27th, 2010. Many Ontario communities participated in the past and should take part again in 2010.

Ecological Footprint Quiz

Go Green Ontario
Ontario governement website with information on the governement's climate change policy and conservation tips.

Green Energy Act
An introduction and overview of Ontario's Green Energy Act.

GreenTech Pastures
ZD Net blog on green technology.

Ontario Centre for Green Building Design and Development
A community of building professionals, policy makers, suppliers, NGOs, educators and consumers who are working to reshape our built environment.

The Renewable Energy Facilitation Office
Ontario ’s Renewable Energy Facilitation Office (REFO) is a one-window access point for information on renewable energy project requirements. We Conserve

Zerofootprint seeks to develop software, technology, design and risk management resources that will lead to a reduction in our environmental impact.